Dove face backlash after latest Real Beauty campaign

The ads don't even feature women this time around...

Dove is coming under fire for its latest Real Beauty Campaign.

Usually, Dove features actual women in their ads but this time, they used their actual products to try and make a point.

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The ad shows Dove's new shampoo bottles that will be offered in seven different shapes and sizes representing women's bodies and curves, and social media took off with hilarious comments.

They took to twitter to attack the new ad for being just plain silly.

One tweeting: "The hilarious thing about those Dove bottle is that so many of them won't fit in existing shower holders."

And another: "I'm fat and pear-shaped and Dove says my shampoo bottle needs to be shaped like me. Our world is just too weird to be believed these days."

And this last one, pictured above, sums it up: "Thanks Dove but I already have a body wash that matches my natural curves."

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