Save hundreds of pounds without trying

10 money saving tricks you can do without any effort at all

save money without trying

Are you tired of money-saving tips that add a million things to your to-do list? It's all well and good someone telling you that making a packed lunch for work will save you £1,300 a year, but unless they're willing to grant you 15 extra minutes in the morning - or pop round and make it for you - it's no use to you.

Fortunately there are ways to save money that don't have to be such a chore.

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Good Vibes has issued a list of money-saving hacks, and while they include several that tip into the category of being a bit too much like hard work, we've found the stress-free ones, and added a few of our own, to come up with 10 tips that will save hundreds of pounds, and require no extra effort.

1. Turn down the brightness of your TV
You can reduce the brightness and contrast and save up to £100 a year.

2. Replace light bulbs with energy savers
This will save you £50 per bulb over their lifetime.

3. Drop a degree
Turn your heating down by 1 degree and you could save 10% off your heating bill. If you don't notice the difference, repeat the process until you feel cold (and then go back up a degree unless you want to start a family row). You could save hundreds of pounds a year.

4. Get yourself a water-butt
Let the rain do the work for you, so when it comes to watering time, you can fill your watering can from the butt instead of the tap. You can feel a happy glow from saving water - as well as saving a couple of quid into the bargain.

5. Buy frozen fish, meat, fruit and veg
This is not only cheaper (and often healthier), but it will stop you throwing so much away when your plans change. Not every item tastes as good frozen (especially strawberries), but it's all worth giving a go.

6. Check the load in your washing machine
Find out the actual capacity of your machine, so you can find a balance between filling it to save energy, and overloading it so much you damage your clothes and the machine.

7. Try two own-brand items a week
You don't need to change all your shopping habits, but if you experiment with two new own-brand options each week, and stick with the ones you like, you'll save a fortune without trying.

8. Hang onto your phone for another year
Once you have been on your contract for the minimum period, switch to a sim-only deal, and keep your phone for an extra year. It could save you over £200.

9. Relax before you get in the car
If you can give yourself ten minutes longer to get to each destination, you can save cash and hopefully arrive less stressed too. Driving more calmly means less accelerating and braking, and reduces your fuel consumption. It can save you up to 33% of fuel efficiency on the motorway and 5% in the city.

10. Stop ironing
This is a great way not only to save £5 a year, but to win back hours of your time every week. Just make sure you buy clothes that are easy-care, and resolve never to pick up an iron again.

Vintage money-saving tips

Vintage money-saving tips