No joke: the comic books worth millions

The ten most valuable comics in the world

The first issue of Action Comics

Comic book fans were saddened last month to hear of the death of Beano artist Leo Baxendale, creator of characters such as Minnie the Minx and the Bash Street Kids.

The news will have sent many people up to the attic to dust off those old back issues.

But did you know that comic books can have a lot more than sentimental value?

"Offering appreciation values way in excess of gold or the S&P market, the collectable comics of your youth might have seemed like a bit of throwaway fun at the time, but they can be worth a fortune – and particularly if you've got the right ones, with the most valuable issues reaching up to seven figures," says a spokesperson for GoCompare.

We take a look at the top ten valuable comics.

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1. Action Comics #1
The first comic to feature Superman, this cost just 10 cents when it was first published in 1938. It's worth an extraordinary amount now, though, with copies selling for $675,000 in 2008 and a whopping $3 million last year.

2. Detective Comics #27
Another first appearance for a superhero, this iconic comic from 1939 introduces Batman for the first time. Again priced originally at 10 cents, its value has doubled in the last four years alone. It's now worth a stunning $2 million.

3. Superman #1
With a name like 'Superman #1' it should be no surprise that this issue is worth a huge sum of money. Another 10-cent comic in 1939, Superman #1's story of the origin of Clark Kent now fetches over $1 million.

4. All-America Comics #16
Introducing the Green Lantern, this 1940 issue has trebled in price since 2008, and is now worth a cool $750,000.

5. Marvel Comics #1
One of the most famous comics ever released, the first ever edition of Marvel Comics from October 1939 has been steadily rising in price – and last year, was valued at $600,000.

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6. Batman #1
Another origin story, this issue from 1940 introduces readers to Batman. It has increased in value by over 200% since 2008, and is now worth around $575,000.

7. Captain America Comics #1
Doubling in value since 2008, the first issue of the phenomenally popular Captain America is a superb investment possibility, says GoCompare, with appreciation almost exactly mirroring Standards & Poor's values. A copy's now worth $360,000.

8. Action Comics #7
Only the second ever time that Superman appeared on the cover, Action Comics #7 was priced at $60,000 when it was valued in 2008. Since then, though, the price has more than quintupled, rocketing to over $300,000 by 2016.

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9. Pep Comics #22
This 1941 issue of the popular Pep Comics is the highest appreciating comic on the list. Featuring the first appearance of Archie Andrews, who would later star in his own comic, it's increased in value from just 10 cents to around $280,000.

10. Amazing Fantasy #15
Famed for featuring the first appearance of Spider-Man (and his alter-ego, Peter Parker), issue #15 of the Amazing Fantasy series dipped to just $10k back in 2010 from around $50k in 2008. However, it has shot back up in recent years, and is now available for around £275,000.

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Incredibly valuable coins