Colombian woman swallows over £5,000 in cash

It's not the usual reaction to an argument...


We've all had that one big fight with our significant other.

It usually leads to someone sleeping on the sofa, or buying flowers.

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But one fight between a couple in Colombia ended with a 30-year-old woman chowing down on $7,000 (£5,400) in cash.

The woman told a local TV station that she saved up the money for a holiday with the husband.

But after a fight, doctors say she ate rolls of $100 notes.

Since they weren't wrapped in anything, it was clear she wasn't trying to smuggle the money.

The director of surgery at a local hospital called it an 'act of desperation'.

Surgeons were able to take 57 of the notes out of her stomach and intestine, meanwhile some of the other rolls would be passed through her colon.

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