Couple thought 'all-inclusive' holiday covered whole of Rhodes

They tried to walk away from a restaurant without paying

A British couple made the unusual mistake of mistakenly believing their all-inclusive wristband for a Rhodes holiday resort meant free wining and dining across the whole of the island.

The couple had enjoyed an evening meal in the main town before leaving the Greek restaurant without paying.

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When asked by a member of staff to cough-up, the bewildered couple apparently flashed their wristbands thinking that would probably settle the matter.

According to local news site, Dimokratiki, the diners genuinely believed they had no reason to pay for their meals - and had merely made an embarrassing mistake.

The unnamed couple settled their bill before being allowed to go on their way.

Credits: Lonely Planet Images

The couple eventually agreed to pay their bills after the rules of the all-inclusive holiday were fully explained to them

The owner of the tavern on Hippocrates Square in the Old Town a minor disagreement occurred as staff attempted to explain the benefits of their all-inclusive holiday did not extend to all restaurants on the island.

Eventually, the couple agreed to settle their bill after being told the only free meals they would be enjoying were strictly inside their specific resort.

Shockingly, the owner said it was not the first time he has experienced tourists who attended restaurants under the impression all meals were free if they wore a resort wristband.

There was no suggestion that they were all British...

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