Cheryl is really very keen to shift her £5 million Hertfordshire mansion

Cheryl has put her home up for either sale or rent - in an effort to shift it

Cheryl's mansion for sale

Cheryl is really very keen to move on. She has set up home with Liam Payne and their baby, and is trying to shift the old property she shared with her former husband, Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini. The mansion is up for sale for £5 million - but just in case it doesn't sell, she has put it up for rent as well - for an impressive £19,000 a month.

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Clearly she's keen to get it off her hands as quickly as possible, given that she only put it up for sale in March.

The lounge

For your money you get an award-winning property, with curved windows offering endless views of the local countryside.

The kitchen

The buyer will also get plenty of privacy, as the home is tucked away behind security gates, overlooking the greenbelt.

screening room

There are six bedrooms - including a circular master bedroom. There's also a screening room, a wine cellar, an indoor swimming pool - plus a steam room, changing rooms and a private gym - and a hot tub on the roof terrace.

The pool

Naturally, there's also oodles of shiny whiteness from floor to ceiling across the 8,000 square foot home.

Is it worth it?

At £5 million, it's a big price tag - especially when the average for the area is closer to £1 million. There are other five-bedroom homes nearby for less than £2 million.

However, it's the same amount that she paid for it two years ago - and prices have been rising rapidly locally since - so it doesn't seem over-priced for someone keen on a striking modern property with all the flash trappings of a multi-millionaire lifestyle.

As the second owner of the property, you don't have to pay the premium on a brand new home, so you're saving a good chunk of cash for buying nearly-new. The question is whether this kind of buyer is willing to buy second-hand.

For that, Cheryl may have to wait and see. Fortunately she has plenty of experience of selling property - having sold the home she shared with Ashley Cole and Fernandez-Versini this time last year - so she knows the score.

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