The world's weirdest ever bets

Would you take these risks?

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Brits are famous for liking a bit of a flutter - indeed, earlier this month, we bet more than £250 million on the Grand National alone.

But why stick to horse races, football matches or even the dogs when you could, for instance, be staking your fortune on Cliff Richard being knighted?

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Gambling site Vegas Slots has compiled a list of the weirdest wagers ever made - though, as a spokesperson points out, 'not all of them won their bets'.

Here's a list of their top ten bizarre bets.

1. The empty case gambler: odds 1:1
In 1980, Williams Lee Bergstrom arrived in Last Vegas with two suitcases, one packed with $777,000, and the other empty. He placed all the money on a single craps bet - and won. His winnings went in the second case.

2. The world's biggest roulette gamble: odds 1:1
In 2004, Ashley Revell from London changed his entire life savings into dollars and put the whole £135,000 on a single roulette spin in Vegas. Red came up - and he doubled his money.

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3. The dead cert that wasn't: odds 1:3
With Hillary Clinton odds-on to win, one woman thought she was onto a sure thing. She put £481.242 on the presidential candidate - and lost the lot.

4. The Scottish referendum: odds: 5:2
One man was so sure that the Scots would vote to remain in the UK that he placed a £900,000 bet, which paid off. But will he be so confident if there's another independence referendum in a year's time?

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5. Brexit: odds 3:1
British hedge fund manager James Hanbury famously cleaned up by correctly predicting that the UK would vote for Brexit - and that it would hit the pound hard. While he was slated for capitalising on the country's misfortune, the £110 million he made probably eased the pain.

6. The Trump fan: various odds
Cornwall hotel owner and Donald Trump enthusiast John Mappin was convinced his hero would win the US election. He placed several bets through the nomination and election process, and made himself £103,000.

7. The proud grandad: odds 2,500:1
Peter Edwards was a keen soccer fan and was sure his grandson would share his passion. He placed a fiver on the lad to play for Wales one day. And in 2013, in a World Cup qualifier against Belgium, his dream came true, and young Harry Wilson was taken off the bench to play. Peter won £125,000.

8. The random accumulator: odds 6,479:1
The name - and thought processes - of this gambler are unknown. But in 1989, a man walked into a South Wales bookies and placed a £30 accumulator bet. He reckoned that, by the year 2000, the band U2 would still be together, Eastenders would still be on BBC1, and the shows Home and Away and Neighbours would both be shown on British TV. All came true, and he won £194,400.

9. Biggest winning streak: odds millions to one
In 1992, Archie Caras drove to Las Vegas with just $50 in his pocket. Three years later, by playing pool and high-rolling poker, he'd turned that into $40 million. However, he ended up losing the lot.

10. The life or death bet: odds: 0
Captain Matthew Webb had already become the first man to swim the channel, in 1875, and was confident he could swim across the Niagara Rapids too. Unfortunately, it turned out that he couldn't.

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