Most people aiming to retire in 2017 say plans not affected by Brexit - survey


Two-thirds of people expecting to retire this year say Brexit has not affected their plans, a survey has found.

Some 67% of people planning to retire in 2017 said their plans have not been altered by the vote to leave the EU, according to the research from Prudential.

But there were some signs of uncertainty, with more than one in 10 (11%) of those who were planning to retire in 2017 saying they had changed their retirement date directly because of the referendum vote.

And 6% of people were also rethinking the country they had planned to retire in, including some who had always planned to stay in the UK now considering moving overseas.

When asked about the impact of Brexit on their long-term finances, 27% were worried it would have a negative effect, 12% thought it would have a positive impact and 45% thought there would be no long-term impact.

Kirsty Anderson, a retirement expert at Prudential, said: "Looking below the surface, there is a degree of uncertainty and nervousness among many of this year's retirees."

The research, carried out in November 2016, asked 1,000 people planning to retire in 2017 about their plans.