Shoppers mock ridiculous chocolate bar deals at WHSmith

Buy in bulk - and pay much more


WH Smith bizarre chocolate deal

Shoppers are mocking a branch of WHSmith for its dubious and "odd" offers on chocolate bars.

A Heathrow Airport store was snapped promoting 48 KitKats, or 48 Flakes, for £45.

Are you pondering it? Could this, maybe, be a good deal? No. Absolutely not. 48 KitKats for £45 works out at 94p per bar. KitKats and Flakes usually retail for about 60p each.

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Kevin Heath spotted the less-than-tantalising deal last week.

The filling between KitKat wafers is something absolutely amazing

You might suggest that big purchases are commonplace at airports. This is true. But WHSmith's £45 move doesn't make sense when you consider Tesco sells the same 48-bar multipack for £18 a pop.

The bulk deal cropped up after civil servant Timothy Howard posted a photo of an equally puzzling Heathrow shop deal on Bounties. The Londoner found 24 on sale for £22. That's 92p per bar. Bounty bars are also usually around 60p each.

WH Smith bizarre chocolate deal

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The tweets were soon picked up by @WHS_Carpet, which shares pictures of tatty carpets, disjointed shelving, and other oddities found at the stationery company's many shops.

It's fair to say that the chocolate bar 'bargains' were ridiculed by many. Some speculated the store was left with too much leftover stock.

And, it appears, the chocolate bar situation isn't exclusive to airport branches.

WHSmith has been contacted for comment.

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