Average adult doesn't feel grown up until 27, survey says

How money issues are holding us back


The average Briton does not consider themselves to be a grown up until the age of 27, a survey has found.

And around one in 10 (10%) of adults across all age groups still do not feel like a grown up, according to the survey of 2,000 people from Nationwide Current Accounts.

More than half (55%) of those surveyed said that feeling like a fully mature adult depended on reaching particular milestones in life.

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Just over one in five (22%) people felt grown up when they had their own children, a further fifth (21%) as a result of moving out of their parents' home, one in seven (14%) when they got married and one in eight (12%) on getting their first job.

Of the nine in 10 (90%) adults who consider themselves grown up, the transition took place for half (50%) in their 20s, a fifth (21%) in their 30s and one in 20 (5%) in their 40s.

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