What not to say in a job interview

Woman having job interview
Woman having job interview

It's easy to get overwhelmed and nervous at the prospect of an interview for a new job.

There's plenty of things that you should definitely talk about but there are also a few things you probably shouldn't say.

Here are five topics that employers hate hearing about in a job interview.

1. "I left my previous job because my boss was too demanding."

Complaining comes off as negativity and this is something that will raise a red flag with your potential new boss.

2. "It's so f***ing cold outside."

Some employers aren't strict on swearing but a job interview is never the best place to be using profanities.

3. "I've moved around in jobs because I haven't found the right fit."

This sounds aimless and implies that, if the same thing happens, you might not stick around for long.

4. "What does your company do?"

Yes, you should ask questions if given the chance, but not this one! If you didn't research before, don't ask it.

5. "My weakness is I work too hard."

Employers know that no one is perfect but being overly positive can show a lack of self-awareness.

Bear these tips in mind and you'll be ready to go, good luck!