OAP raver's stereo confiscated after he refused to stop playing music

Neighbours said Peter Tuppen would play 'excessively loud' drum and bass

A raving geriatric has had his entire drum and bass collection and decks seized by authorities - because he refused to stop raving in his flat.

Peter Tuppen, who is thought to be in his 70s, received several warnings about his blaring tunes but ignored them.

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Council workers were shocked to discover the septuagenarian had "wired up his flat like a nightclub" and had more than 300 CDs of club tunes.

Neighbours said he would play "excessively loud" drum and bass and guitar solos - making their lives a living hell.

The music fan even had a disco ball set up in his home in Folkestone, Kent.

Shepway District Council wrote to Tuppen telling him to turn things down after receiving several complaints about late-night noise.

Credits: Stian Alexander

Mr Tuppen had a disco ball set up in his home

Council anti-noise officials visited the flat and heard for themselves the ear-splitting din.

When Tuppen also ignored a Noise Abatement Notice and carried on regardless, the council obtained a court warrant and confiscated his CD collection, a turntable and stereo equipment.

Credits: Stian Alexander

Neighbours said he made their lives hell

A council spokesman said: "We all love to enjoy our favourite music in our own home, and it's great that most people will do that with no problem.

"But when one person's loud music makes neighbours' lives a living hell the council has no alternative than to step in.

"The level and frequency of the noise in this case caused a completely unacceptable intrusion into the lives of other residents of Stephen Court."

Nightmare neighbours

Nightmare neighbours

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