Complaining on social media can end in cash rewards

It can be very worthwhile

Complaining on social media can end in cash rewards

You might be of the opinion that complaining won't resolve anything, but it's time to think again.

If you have an issue with something you've bought, a meal you've eaten or a a ticket you've purchased it's always worthwhile contacting the people responsible.

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See also: Complaints hit 55 million - but who is letting us down? did some research and are they're saying that people on average receive about £30 for complaining via Social Media and some have received over £470.

As nice as that sounds, they're also saying that only about 15% of people use social media to complain about, you know, United Airlines being rude or finding an insect in your food.

Of that 15%, women are said to get their complaints sorted more than men, but men still get more money, discounts or gifts than women with £40, compared to about £25 for women.

If you are going to make a complaint online then make sure you use the brand's official page or handle.

Always stay calm, don't swear and don't put out any personal information out there.

Most importantly; don't give up, hopefully you're complaining for a good reason.

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