The average amount spent on clothes in a lifetime is huge

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This is how much you'll spend on clothes in your lifetime

Shopaholic Brits will spend a total of nine months of their lives trawling the high street and internet for bargains, a study has revealed.

Fashion is the most popular for retail therapy with an average of £40,015 splashed out on clothes and accessories.

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From the ages of 18-81, women will snap up 308 tops, 245 T-shirts, 207 bras and 211 pairs of tights.

Men will blow their cash on 113 pairs of sunglasses and 258 pairs of trainers or shoes, according to the research by

It also found £30,309 is splurged on revamping the house and £17,002 on make-up and toiletries with women getting through 214 pots of moisturiser.

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Men will buy around 258 pairs of trainers in their lifetime

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While girls will spend £17k on make-up and toiletries

Two thirds of adults said they found shopping 'therapeutic' with women getting the most pleasure from spending their cash on shoes, fresh flowers and homewares.

Men said their shopping buzz comes from buying new T-shirts and trainers.

An on average, both men and women spend £483 a year on items they keep hidden from their other half, the survey found.

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Secret shoppers will spend £483 a year on goods that they don't tell their partners about

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Only one in ten men go shopping for retail therapy

One in five women are more likely to go shopping when the going gets tough compared with just one in ten men who hit the high street for a pick-me-up purchase.

And four in ten Brits revealed they get the blues if they haven't been on a shopping spree for several weeks.

Surprisingly, almost six in ten adults said they prefer to shop alone while one in ten mums like to take their daughters along.

VoucherCodes spokesperson Anita Naik said: "Sometimes nothing beats a bit of retail therapy, whether that's to pass the time or to get a buzz – and both men and women get an equal kick out of picking up something new."

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