You can pay for elite residency in Thailand

Everything will be organised for you

The warm climate and relatively low cost of living make Thailand a desirable choice for holidaymakers and retirees.

Now the Thai government is boosting their bottom line by offering pricey residency visas to wealthy foreign citizens.

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The Thailand Elite Visa promises a VIP concierge experience with the government agencies that handle drivers licenses, bank accounts, and work permits.

Arrival and departure from Thailand is made easier with an Elite Personal Assistant who helps to expedite immigration and passport control.

But being Elite isn't just about business. This first of it's kind program offers 24 spa treatments and golfing trips per year, complimentary airport returns, and select shopping discounts.

The Thailand Elite membership even includes a yearly medical check up at a private hospital.

For a 20 year residency, expatriates will spend $60,000 (£48,300) upfront, along with a $600 (£480) yearly maintenance fee, though there are programs that last as little as 5 years.

The 20 year visa program has been in existence since 2003, however, with the adoption of Brexit, the Thai government is renewing their efforts to recruit British citizens to retire in their warm weather.

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