Cadbury's brings Dairy Milk production home to the UK

Back in Bournville again

SWINDON, UK - FEBRUARY 8, 2014: Bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut chocolate

Cadbury is reportedly planning to bring lost Dairy Milk production back to the UK, after shifting some manufacturing to Poland last year.

US parent company Mondelez was widely seen as breaking a promise last year by moving some production away from its factory in Bournville for the first time.

Since then, though, it's invested £75 million in the Bournville plant - and now says it will be able to bring all the original Dairy Milk manufacturing home again.

Consumers 'would rather pay more' than see favourite products shrink

"The £75 million investment, and the four new lines we have built, means that the production of all Cadbury Dairy Milk products originally made in the UK, but temporarily made elsewhere, will be coming back home to Bournville," says a spokesperson.

"Some Cadbury products that have always been made overseas are not currently planned to be made in Bournville for technical and capacity reasons. However, we are looking at bringing new products into Bournville all the time."

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Cadbury's was sold to Kraft Foods in 2010, with Kraft saying it was its 'sincere belief' that Dairy Milk production would stay where it belonged. However, Cadbury's was later spun off into a company called Mondelez, which shortly afterwards closed a factory near Bristol and opened a new one in Poland.

Initially, this just produced Picnic and Crunchie bars, but this was later expanded to include Dairy Milk Oreo bars and Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations, as well as some 95g Dairy Milk bars.

The Bournville factory will now take over manufacturing of all the Dairy Milk products it once made as well as, for the first time, Dairy Milk Oreo.

Cadbury's under fire for changes to Creme Eggs

It's not the first time that the Mondelez takeover has led to disgruntled Dairy Milk fans. Two years ago, the company came under fire after changing the recipe of its Creme Eggs by stopping the use of Dairy Milk chocolate and switching to what it called a 'more standard mix'.

Last week, the company was slated by some newspapers for allegedly removing the word 'Easter' from the egg hunts it arranges with the National Trust. However, others were quick to point out that the word was in fact still very prominent in the organisations' marketing.

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