Man leaves funny message for delivery drivers

The doorbell is there for a reason...

Woman hand accepting a delivery of boxes from deliveryman

"Sorry we missed you."

Written on an Amazon / Parcelforce / Royal Mail card, they're some of the most bittersweet words to have emerged out of the online shopping phenomenon.

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Sometimes we come home to one of those cards simply because the stars have not aligned.

Other times, it seems, the "Sorry we missed you" card might have been avoided had, well, someone actually rung the bell.

These housemates are familiar with this scenario.

And they've decided to do something about it. All you need is a printer and nice frame.

Online shopping delivery complaint

No margin for error now

Redditor MacronX posted a photo of this sign, which is a print-out of the Wikipedia definition of 'door bell.'

Addressed to all couriers and food delivery drivers, the sign reads:

"This is a door bell.

"It seems people are having difficulty understanding its purpose. Above is an Encyclopedia article explaining what it is for and what it does.

Always worth a try

"For those of knocking fruitlessly on the door, we cannot hear you at the back of the house or upstairs..."

It's not so much all the parcels they're not getting which alarms us as it is the idea that they're missing out on takeaway food.

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