Man spends life savings on field, finds Medieval town

Stuart Wilson is now working on getting a museum on the site

A history fan who spent his life savings buying a field in south Wales, has unearthed the remains of a Medieval town.

Stuart Wilson, archaeologist, said: "This field came up for auction and I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to buy it.

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"It's alongside what we thought would be the main high street and also of course I wanted to prove the academics wrong."

Stuart estimates that he's put around £200,000 into the project over the last two years,

He also been trying to encourage people to volunteer on the project throughout the year, to keep costs down.

They are currently working on planning permission to get a proper building in place as well as setting up a charity to get more funding.

Stuart is hoping to get a museum building in place so they can house the findings in a official environment.