Restaurant allegedly wrote 'black lady' on bill

The anonymous diner also claimed she had to wait for her drink

A Maori woman who dined at a restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand claims to have had a rather disturbing experience.

The anonymous female patron says that when she went to the counter to check on her drink, her order ticket had the words 'black lady' scrawled across it.

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She also revealed that her dining companions' receipt had no such comments written on them and her friend's food had already been delivered to the table.

A photo of the note shared on social media has triggered an avalanche of criticism.

Don Choa the cafe owner has gone on the defensive, telling the New Zealand Herald: "You check for yourself, if you are a reporter, check the background of this black woman. I think she is a troublemaker. I think you're better to inspect her, whether she's criminal or something, because she has said a not true thing."