Postman leaves customer hilarious delivery note

The package didn't end up quite where it was supposed to...

Usually when you see that familiar red card from Royal Mail on the doormat, it means your parcel is at a nearby office waiting to be picked up from you.

But one man had an altogether more amusing experience when he got home to find two cards on the mat explaining an unfortunate incident.

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Sam Cooke shared three photographs on Twitter which tell the story of how things unfolded.

The first is an image of a Royal Mail card, on which a note is written explaining that the parcel was 'put through window'.

So far, so normal.

But the next photograph is another Royal Mail card with a more amusing note: "I'm really sorry I think your parcel might have fallen in the toilet accidentally."

Sure enough, the third photograph is Sam's bathroom - complete with an open window and a parcel in the toilet.

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You can only imagine the horror of this particular postal worker when the parcel left their hand.

Luckily enough, Sam later revealed that the box - containing printer ink - was too wide to hit the water so it wasn't damaged.

Sam's tweet has had nearly 2,000 retweets from amused social media users.

Mirror Online has contacted Royal Mail for comment.

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