Free chocolate Easter eggs, crepe, popcorn, makeup and soap

Freebie Friday giveaways from Thorntons, Crepe affaire, Vue, Max Factor and Indulgence

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The day before April Fool's Day ought to be declared a National Day of loveliness. We know we've got a day of practical jokes and humiliation ahead of us, so we ought to have one day every year where we get to enjoy something nice.

If you fancy the idea, then we can bring you plenty of freebies to help. Whether you want to be pampered with a free floral soap, or indulge in a delicious free crepe, there's something to keep everyone happy.

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Free Easter eggs
The users of Magic Freebies have spotted that new users of Topcashback can get two free Thorntons personalised Easter eggs. You just sign up on the site, click to get the deal, buy the eggs (for up to £13.95 including delivery), and the full amount will be credited to your account. The big advantage of getting two freebies, of course, is that you can give one away and keep the other for yourself.

Free popcorn
If you've been to a Vue cinema recently, then you can fill out a survey about your experience, and you'll earn free popcorn next time you go. You could even book yourself into the kids club on Saturday (Mini Mornings), and get tickets from £2.49 each. These can be used to get free kids' admission to Legoland too - so the freebies just keep coming.

Free makeup
Boots is offering a Max Factor freebie at the moment. We should be up-front and admit that you'll need to buy some makeup in order to qualify for the freebie, but if you're in the market for it, then it's a great deal. You need to spend £15 or more on Max Factor products, and in return you'll get a Natural Nudes set containing mascara, lipstick and blusher - worth about £30.

Free crepe
The users of Latest Deals have spotted that the heart symbol at the top right of the homepage of the Crepe affaire website is now a freebie. Just click the heart, enter your email address, and they will send you a voucher for a free crepe.

Free soap
The users of have spotted that Indulgence is giving away free samples of its handmade floral-design soaps. They're not just pretty, apparently they're also infused with carefully selected flower root extracts. To get your hands on a freebie, just visit the website, leave your details, and a soap will be posted to you.

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