Hunting for an affordable home? Head for Feltham

Property is generally less than half the price of a home in Greater London


House hunters searching for value in Britain's priciest counties may want to consider Feltham, Stevenage and Milton Keynes, research suggests.

Property website Zoopla analysed average house prices to pinpoint places were buyers concerned about being priced out of their target area might still be able to get a foothold.

Topping its list is Feltham, where a property is, on average, less than half the price of a home in Greater London generally. A typical property in Feltham costs just under £325,000, compared with the average Greater London house price of about £660,000.

In Whyteleafe in Surrey, homes cost nearly £245,000 less than the county average, while in Stevenage, a typical property cost nearly £182,000 less than the average house price in surrounding Hertfordshire, Zoopla found.

Buyers in Buckinghamshire looking to stretch their money further may want to consider Milton Keynes, where a home can be bought for about £137,000 less than the county average.

While Britain's most expensive counties tended to be in the South East of England, Zoopla also looked at where home buyers searching in other relatively expensive places might be able to get more value.

It suggested that in northern England, buyers hunting in the most expensive county there - Cheshire - might want to consider Runcorn, where a typical home is £108,381 cheaper than the county average.

Buyers looking in Wales's most expensive county - Monmouthshire - could take their search to Caldicot, where a property typically costs £46,136 less than the county average, the research suggests.

In Scotland, house hunters looking in the Edinburgh area may want to head for South Queensferry, where a home is £52,219 less than the average across the city, Zoopla said.

Lawrence Hall, a spokesman for Zoopla, said there were still some locations "where value can be found".

Here are the best value towns in Britain's most expensive counties, according to Zoopla, with the post town followed by the average property value there, the county, the county average property value and the price difference:

- Feltham, £324,911, Greater London, £659,627, £334,716

- Whyteleafe, £350,631, Surrey, £595,459, £244,828

- Stevenage, £308,906, Hertfordshire, £490,455, £181,549

- Milton Keynes, £299,079, Buckinghamshire, £435,693, £136,614

- Carterton, £290,976, Oxfordshire, £425,032, £134,056

- Bracknell, £375,135, Berkshire, £421,371, £46,236

- Lancing, £276,584, West Sussex, £383,263, £106,679

- Gosport, £207,182, Hampshire, £356,200, £149,018

- St Leonards-on-Sea, £228,743, East Sussex, £353,430, £124,687

- Harwich, £198,556, Essex, £352,625, £154,069

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