Mother described as 'weird freak' for ordering smaller portion

Cafe apologises for insult printed on receipt

The receipt received by Steve Dempster from Weetons cafe in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. A shocked dad has slammed a disgraced posh cafe after his wife was labelled a "WEIRD FREAK" - for ordering a smaller portion of food for their child. See Ross Parry story RPYRECEIPT; Steve Dempster said his wife, who wished not to be named, received a receipt which read: 'small egg and tomato omelette for weird freak'. The mum-of-one had visited Weetons cafe in Harrogate, North Yorks., and when she asked for a smaller omelette the girl behind the till began to laugh with a colleague. After demanding the receipt back as she was questioned to why she didn't just order a normal size, Steve decided to post the "disgusting" receipt on social media. Steve explained that his wife had asked for a smaller version of the omelette serving for their 11-month-old child for breakfast.

A father says he's shocked and furious after his wife was branded a 'weird freak' at a Harrogate cafe.

Steve Dempster says that his wife asked for a smaller version of an omelette on the menu at Weetons cafe in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, for the couple's 11-month-old baby.

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"She ordered a breakfast for herself and a smaller omelette for our 11-month-old, because he's just started eating lots of different things," Mr Dempster, a scientist, wrote on Facebook, in a post that's since been deleted.

"The girl at the till said 'why don't you just order a normal omelette?' and she explained that he wouldn't eat it all so could she just have a smaller portion."

However, Mr Dempster's wife noticed that staff were sniggering at the order, and asked for a copy of the receipt - only to discover that it read: "Small egg and tomato omelette for weird freak".

When she complained, her money was refunded.

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"It's not like she's made some ridiculous demand, not least to say she was really upset and asked them 'did I really deserve this treatment?'" says Mr Dempster.

"It's utterly shocking that the cafe manager thinks they can do that in front of another member of staff and not think the customer will ever see it."

Steve Dempster

The cafe manager says she's apologised and will take the matter up with the member of staff concerned - who she says 'acted in an incredibly unprofessional way'.

Many restaurants include special orders or other comments on receipts - and these comments often come back to haunt them.

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Last summer, for instance, a Rhode Island waiter was fired after referring to a customer as 'fatty' on the bill.

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