Sainsbury's issue ridiculous 'safety' warning on daffodils

Not for consumption...

Sainsbury's issue ridiculous 'safety' warning on daffodils

Sainsbury's customers are mocking the chain on Twitter after spotting an odd safety warning on bunches of daffodils.

You might ask, how could daffodils possibly be dangerous? What on earth could the supermarket be advising its shoppers about? Surely people just stick them in a vase when they get home and forget about them?

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Well, apparently Sainsbury's customers need to be reminded that daffodils aren't meant for consumption.

Amused shoppers are sharing their photos of the safety warning and are questioning the necessity of the message.

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When Mirror Online contacted Sainsbury's to ask why they need this warning on daffodils, a spokesperson said: "Daffodil bulbs bloom into beautiful Spring flowers. But they could be mistaken for small onions and that's why we label in this way."

Why you definitely shouldn't eat daffodils

If you're thinking of trying them out as part of a strange new diet, don't! Daffodils aren't very good for humans.

The flowers contain a toxic chemical - most concentrated in the bulb of the daffodil - which can cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea when eaten.

Supermarket shopping mistakes

Supermarket shopping mistakes

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