Did Mel B time divorce to avoid handing over her fortune?

It's thought the former Spice Girl wanted to prevent her husband 'living off her money for life'

Did Mel B time her divorce to get more money?

Mel B ended her turbulent marriage to Stephen Belafonte before they reached their 10th anniversary, ­preventing him from "living off her money for life".

Under California law, the courts can award indefinite spousal support if a couple have been wed for more than 10 years, which could have put Mel's £40million fortune at risk.

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Mel, who married in June 2007 and has a daughter, Madison, five, with film producer Stephen, 41, filed for divorce on Monday.

Insiders say she is urging him to "play nicely".

A source said: "Mel is determined to make the divorce as amicable, respectful and calm as possible. She wants to plough on with settling matters and to move on.

"She feels the most mature thing to do is cut their losses and walk away without a fight."

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In the divorce papers filed in LA, the Spice Girl, 41, asked to terminate the court's ability to award spousal support.

Divorce lawyer Goldie Schon said: "For the spouses whose marriages lasted less than 10 years, support continues on for the number of years that is equal to half of the length of marriage."

Tom Cruise used the 10-year rule in his divorce from Nicole Kidman.

On the divorce papers, he clearly stated: "Period between marriage and separation – Years: 9, Months: 11."

Mel and Stephen tried to calm tensions by taking part in a family therapy session and were seen driving separately to the home of psychiatrist Dr Charles Sophy in LA on Wednesday.

Madison and Mel's other daughters, Angel, nine, and Phoenix, 18, arrived in a third car with a nanny.

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