Free chocolate, crisps, popcorn, meal, soup and £20 voucher

Freebie Friday from Greggs, Ikea, Mars, New Covent Garden Soup and Gino D’Acampo

Popcorn Close-Up

What's better than a freebie? A freebie you can eat. This week, whether you're after a snack, a sweet treat, a full meal, or a voucher for a swanky restaurant, they're all on offer. You can even get a helping of Ikea meatballs for free.

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Free Mars Celebrations
Whether you're looking for a sweet treat for yourself, a gift for mum or you're stockpiling goodies for Easter, you can get 240g box of Celebrations for free from Sainsbury's or Tesco through Quidco. Just buy the box, then upload your recipe showing all the key details to Quidco. You'll get £2 refunded - covering the cost of the chocolates. You'll need to be quick through, as the deal is only available until midnight on Saturday.

Free popcorn or crisps
The users of have discovered that you can get a free bag of popcorn or crisps from Greggs if you have the rewards app. You can claim yours by downloading the app, creating an account, and then swiping across the top to reveal the freebie. When you're in Greggs, you then click 'scan now', and you'll get your code to show at the till.

Free Ikea Meatballs
Technically you don't need to pick the meatballs - you can get any meal for free when you buy any piece of furniture. The deal was tracked down by users of, who point out that to qualify you'll need to get an Ikea Family card. You then pop in Monday-Friday after 4.30pm, have a meal, and then buy a piece of furniture. You need to hand over your family card along with your food receipt, and you'll have the cost of your meal subtracted from your purchase. There are a few terms and conditions, and a few stores that aren't taking part, so it's worth checking before you go.

Free soup
Every so often, New Covent Garden Soup Co will offer a voucher for £1 off any soup. They can be printed off at the moment from the website - while stocks last. The key to this particular freebie, however, is the fact that sometimes when this deal is running, one of the supermarkets will have a special offer running, offering some flavours of the soup for £1. This time, the obliging supermarket is Asda, so all you have to do is pop along with your voucher, and get your freebie.

Free £20 to spend with Gino D'Acampo
The users of have discovered that if you sign up for a card with Individual Restaurants - and register it - they'll load it with £20 worth of points to spend at any of the chain's outlets. These include Gino D'Acampo's restaurant and pasta bar, as well as Bank restaurant and bar, The Restaurant and bar, Zinc and Piccolo. You could, for example, grab yourself a two-course menu for free at Piccolino - or opt for a Sunday Roast for two - and pay the £7.50 extra.

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