One man's dream home put him in hospital

Geoff Casely has a five page long list of problems with the £450,000 property

How one man's dream home put him in hospital

A man splashed out £450,000 on a dream four-bedroom family home - but ended up in hospital because it had been so badly constructed.

Geoff Casely was injured after slipping headfirst in to a wall and knocking himself out.

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The 48-year-old claims his home, in Tunbridge Wells' new Duke's Grange estate by Cala Homes, is a never-ending "catastrophe" caused by poor workmanship.

The catalogue of problems since the family moved in at the end of December 2015 has included a kitchen flood on their first day, showers plumbed in backwards, non-flushing toilets, a 'paddy field' garden and both staircases needing to be ripped out.

The family have now been told they have to move out for three weeks while the entire lower floor ceiling is replaced, Kent Live reported.

But the most dangerous fault so far he said has been a stair carpet laid without grippers, which caused strapping 6ft 4in former rugby player and martial arts black belt Mr Casely to slip and plough headfirst in to a wall before toppling backwards and ending up in hospital with a spinal injury.

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The 48-year-old paid £450,000 for his dream family home

He said: "I was running down the stairs and the carpet banana-skinned underneath me and I went headfirst through a wall.

"The only thing which stopped me going through the wall was a steel level post. I've had rugby injuries but nothing like this. I'm the wrong side of 16stone and I eventually landed on my right shoulder and my head whiplashed and I knocked myself out. My body concertinaed."

Mr Casely, a former junior international swimmer, was taken to hospital strapped to a spinal long board after the incident on February 9 last year.

The father-of-three who is a consultant in the mobile security industry and married to Kathryn has to travel all around the world but has been left in agonising pain from his injuries.

He was unable to fly for five months, can no longer sit at a desk for longer than 50 minutes and after scores of doctor's and specialist appointments, has just been referred to Spire Hospital.

The house is part of a 45 home development by Cala Homes in Duke's Grange off Bayham Road which is still being built. Mr Casely said neighbours have also reported problems but none of the scale of the "fiasco" of their home.

He said: "Our house is basically the pig of the site. What started off as a three page snag list is now five pages of problems. It is a source of pain and suffering, both emotionally and physically.

"I am now on first name terms with 30 builders, I shouldn't know any of them. I can't tell you how long the communication trail is. I have completely lost it with Cala now."

Credits: LOCAL WORLD/Kent Live

Mr Casely, 48, claims his home is a never-ending "catastrophe"

In the first 24 hours of the Caselys moving in the kitchen flooded because of faulty plumbing but other problems have included four damaged doors having to be replaced, squeaky floors on each level, not enough insulation in the ceiling, a garden which had to be re-sodded five times and rotavated, meaning they couldn't use it for 10 weeks and a wonky loft hatch had to be replaced.

Asked why he thinks the house is a "catastrophe of many parts" as he put it, he said they had to complete and move in within around two months to secure the price.

A spokesman for CALA Homes said: "At CALA, we pride ourselves on our customer service and after care and take the issues Mr and Mrs Casely have raised extremely seriously.

"We have a strong track record in this area but regret that, on this occasion, we have fallen short of our own high standards. We have apologised to Mr and Mrs Casely in person, have been speaking to them regularly and have been and continue to be fully committed to working with them to resolve matters."

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