Woman spends £24,000 to look like Ivanka Trump

Plastic surgeons say the First Daughter's features are in high demand

There's been plenty of phases in the past where women have lined up to get plastic surgery to look like their favourite celebrities.

Whether it was Jennifer Lopez's famous backside or even Kylie Jenner's lips, celebrity features are often top of the list for those going under the knife.

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But now there's a new celebrity in the public eye who is making people want to change their looks.

Plastic surgeons are saying that women are paying to look like President Trump's elder daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka's eyes, nose and cheekbones are all said to be in high demand.

Franklin Rose, a plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas, told USA Today that more and more women want to look like the First Daughter.

He revealed that one of his patients actually paid $30,000 (£24,216) and endured six hours of surgery in the hopes of ending up with a face like Ivanka's.

So, could we soon be seeing more and more Ivanka look-a-likes on our streets? We'll have to wait and see!