Entire town in USA up for sale

It could all be yours for just over £3m


Think you're king of the castle? Well if you buy this town you actually could be.

For the low price of $3.85 million (£3.1 million) you could own your very own town!

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The town of Tiller in Oregon is up for sale!

The 250 acre plot which has 28 different tax lots and a elementary school which is being sold separately and will probably go to a property developer - but it still doesn't hurt to dream.

It's actually a pretty big piece of space with seven homes and six outbuildings in the space including a market - which is apparently being sold by someone else too.

The town is advertised on Land Leader, the listing states: "For the first time, after decades of acquisition, all but two tax lots within the town are offered for sale.

"This 256.60 acre, 29 parcel highway and riverfront package consists of rural commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural, farm forest and timber resource zonings.

"Crucial water rights and existing infrastructure present endless possibilities."

You can see the full listing here.

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