The stingiest kids in the UK

Mother's Day
Mother's Day

The biggest Mother's Day skinflints in the UK are apparently based in Southampton. However, those in Bournemouth, Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester aren't much more generous when it comes to spoiling their mum. It seems that all over the UK we can't spare the cash or the effort to recognise everything mum has done for us on Mother's Day

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The study, by Opus Digital, studied online search engine statistics, for search terms like 'cheap Mother's Day gifts', 'free Mother's Day gifts' and 'Mother's Day gifts under £10' - it actually found more searches for 'free Mother's Day gifts' than for 'Mother's Day flowers!'.

It then put together its top 20 of the cities home to the UK's biggest skinflints.

1. Southampton
2.. Bournemouth
3. Newcastle
4. Liverpool
5. Manchester
6. Bradford
7. Leicester
8. Coventry
9. Belfast
10. Glasgow
11. Cardiff
12. Nottingham
13. Sheffield
14. Bristol
15. Birmingham
16. Edinburgh
17. Brighton
18. Leeds
19. London
20. Stoke

Save without stinginess

Most mums admit they don't expect a Mother's Day present this year. And while their offspring may claim that it's the thought that counts - and that you don't have to spend money to show your love for your mum - the researchers found that we're not doing anything else for our mums either.

It found that 45% of mums won't get a visit from their kids this Mother's Day. Men are by far the worst offenders in this regard - as two thirds of men don't bother. It's not as if they call to tell their mother they love her instead - because almost half of men admitted that they never tell their mother they love her.

Meanwhile, a large minority of people forget the day entirely - just 47% of men and 75% of women remember.

There are some high maintenance mums, but most women who have brought up their kids through the terrible twos, the dicey fours, the tricky tweens and the hellish teenage years tend to have far lower expectations than you might think.

If you were to track down a Mother's Day freebie, and throw together a home-made card, there's every chance that she'd be perfectly delighted with it.

There are a few freebies on offer at the moment, but two sure-fire winners are:

1. Free flowers regularly offers freebies for new members, and if you sign up at the moment, you can get Mother's Day flowers from Blossoming Gifts for free. Magic Freebies points out that all you have to do is sign up, find the offer, buy the £18 Mum's Rose Plant from Blossoming Gifts, and the £18 cost of the plant plus £3 postage, will be refunded to your cashback account.

2. Free dinner
The users of, meanwhile, have spotted that you can take your mum to Hungry Horse on Mother's Day after 6pm, and her meal will be free.