The UK's ten weirdest job titles

Portrait of a young woman on a white background.
Portrait of a young woman on a white background.

Some job titles are pretty clear: it's easy enough to understand what a sales manager does, for example.

Sometimes, though, it's rather less obvious. There are all sorts of specialist careers out there with their own jargon - perfectly normal to those in the know, but baffling to the rest of us.

In other cases, companies have apparently decided that their staff are just too special for normal job titles, and given them fantastical ones instead.

Jobs website Glassdoor has scoured its database to find the weirdest job titles in the UK for 2017 - here's its pick of the bunch.

1. Tug Master
Someone's got to keep a tugboat off the rocks, and that person's its master. The job involves overall responsibility for safe operations, including looking after the crew and making sure that the load is in place and passage plans have been checked.

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2. Acoustics Consultant
Working on engineering projects, an acoustics consultant makes sure the finished construction won't cause too much noise or vibration. They'll need to be familiar with noise mapping software as well as the relevant legal standards.

3. Air Cartographer
It is, almost literally, drawing maps in the air: similar to an airport or airline manager, or even a transport planning manager, an air cartographer creates flight plans for the RAF and maintains flight safety standards.

4. Patrão
At Nandos, you can't just be a general manager: you're a Patrão instead - Portuguese for 'head of the family'. It's a good thing, therefore, that Nandos isn't Sicilian, where the phrase would translate as 'capofamiglia'. Recruitment might be that little bit harder.

5. Econometrician
An econometrician is a type of economist who integrates statistics and mathematics into economic analysis. Econometricians generally have advanced degrees in statistics and/or economics, although some universities do offer specific degrees in econometrics.

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6. Customer Happiness Hero
Basically a customer service role with a fancy name - but it may make staff feel better when they get shouted at...

7. Genius
You probably know this one already, and may have your own opinion. At an Apple Store, a 'genius' repairs and troubleshoots products.

8. Scrum Master
Not nearly as interesting as it sounds, a 'scrum master' manages a development team. Scrum, apparently, is a methodology that allows a team to self-organise and make changes quickly, , with the scrum master managing how information is exchanged.

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9. Chemometrician
A scientist or statistician that specialises in Chemometrics, which is the use of mathematical statistics in the design of experiments, and the evaluation of the resulting data.

10. Calypso Developer
Boy, these people must disappoint at parties. Calypso is a financial platform for complex financial markets. A Calypso Developer would therefore work on software for trading, risk management, processing and accounting and would probably be useless at the steel drums.