Rolls-Royce have installed a unique anti-theft device

It'll set your mind at ease...

So you saved up your pennies and bought a Rolls-Royce, well done!

But obviously you don't want to keep it cooped up in the garage all day, so you take it for a spin.

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But leaving one of the iconic cars all by themselves may seem like a dangerous proposition.

Don't worry though, Rolls-Royce has a trick up its sleeve.

At the international auto show in Geneva, Rolls-Royce showcased an anti-theft device designed just for their famous hood ornaments

The new cars have a system in the bonnet where if someone does try to steal a 'Spirit of Ecstasy' off the bonnet of one of their cars, it will retract the hood ornament into the bonnet, hiding it from sight.

The Spirit of Ecstasy's long been a symbol of luxury and these days she can be upgraded to illuminated crystal or even be gold-plated

The lovely lady's worth nearly £33 million - that's how much BMW paid Volkswagen for the rights to the hood ornament when they bought Rolls-Royce in 2002.