The worst Mother's Day presents

disappointed girl with questionable gesture holding a gift in her hand
disappointed girl with questionable gesture holding a gift in her hand

In just two weeks - March 26, to be precise - it's Mother's Day. It's a chance to show your mum just how much you care.

Some people say it with flowers; some buy presents or take their mother out for a slap-up meal; and, generally, their mum is delighted.

Sometimes, though, people get it badly wrong - and, over on Reddit disappointed mothers and shamefaced offspring have been sharing some of their stories.

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Sometimes, the gift has been given with the best of intentions, like the fake chocolates made of clay or the 'demonic' looking hand-made mug.

"I got a half dead looking, clearance, annual potted plant from Home Depot," says one mum.

"I pretended I loved it, planted it with loving care in a nice ceramic pot and watched it slowly die despite my efforts to keep it alive."

And, says a daughter, "Thinking I was artsy, I took all these pieces of trash, cut them up into tiny pieces, and glued them onto cardboard to say "MOM". I thought I was smart, but looking back, it must've looked like a ransom note made by a homeless person."

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Sometimes, the giver's been a bit careless.

"I gave my mother a card one year that said mother-in-law all over it," says another poster. Pretty sure that's the worst thing she's ever gotten. I still get made fun of for it about 10 years later."

Occasionally, the gift is simply inexplicable - like the man who have his mother a toilet plunger one year. Another was given a jar of insects and a dead mouse - she says she gave them a decent burial.

And sometimes presents are so casual as to be insulting, like the man who gave his mother a lint roller one year, and a packet of gum the next.

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One woman had a terrible day last year.

"My 16 year old brought me roses that he swiped off the neighbour's bushes... so I had to march his butt over there to apologise and we both wound up mowing their lawn to keep the peace," she says.

"My almost three year old twins made me a lovely picture, on my office wall, in sharpie."

Next year, she says, she doesn't want any presents: "because none of them are old enough to buy me booze if it goes this badly again."

So when you're getting something for your own mum this year, just learn from these mistakes and take a little care. And if your offspring fail to come up with the goods, chin up - just remember things could be worse.