Spain has a real 'dine and dash' problem

A group of 120 people have done it twice in one week

Dine and dash is becoming a real problem in Spain - a gang of 120 people pulled the move twice in one week.

In Spain, the practice is called 'simpa'.

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First, the group left a restaurant after eating over £1,600 worth of food during a christening celebration, then bolted before dessert.

A few days later, they consumed $10,000 worth of food and drinks before skipping out on the bill.

Usually, people just disappear over time, but the restaurant owner said the entire group of people left all at once.

He said: " expect someone to come to talk to you and say they will settle the bill the next morning or something.

"But they didn't say anything, they just disappeared."

However, police have since said that they caught the ringleader, and arrested him.

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