Top tips for saving on clothes

You could top up your savings or pay off some debt

Woman looking at dress hanging on rack while standing at store

Are you looking for extra cash to build up your savings or maybe to pay off some debt?

That's fine, but how do you do it if you love spending too?

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Here are some tips on how you can make some cash from your clothes and also save yourself some money too.

1. Is it worth it?

If you haven't touched it in a year, is it worth keeping? You could take clothes to a charity shop or sell them online. It may take some time to create listings on eBay, but if you have designer label clothes you want to get rid of this can be a real money earner.

2. Buy second hand

If you think it's all threadbare clothes, think again! You can find some real gems in charity shops and vintage clothing stores and you can often get your hands on a real bargain.

3. Buy out of season

If you know that you're going to need a new coat when winter comes, start looking early. Buying off season can mean some serious savings. Buying swimwear at the end of the summer and coats when spring arrives often means big discounts and savings.

4. Don't pay retail

It's always worth jumping online before you go shopping to check the store's website and see if they have any special offers. It's also worth signing up for emails from voucher websites to see if you can save money that way too.

Vintage money-saving tips

Vintage money-saving tips