Charity shop window sign sparks sexism row

M&S has also been criticised for releasing school uniform labels that talk about mum

Oxfam window sign causes sexism rowCredits: Southport Visiter

Some people are occasionally sexist. Still, in 2017.

Take M&S for example. It's under fire right now for releasing school uniform labels that talk about mums.

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The wording features on a range of girls' and boys' school trousers. They have reinforced hems that "stay up for longer, so that's less work for mum!"

Obviously, some dads can sew too, so M&S only mentioning mums has drawn criticism from parents. Dads who want more recognition for their skills were particularly vocal.

And Sam Smethers, chief executive of the Fawcett society, said: "This isn't just sexism, this is M&S sexism.

"We slip into these lazy stereotypes as easily as a pair of their comfy slippers. It's 2017, time to recognise that dads can sew too."

The retailer said it didn't mean to offend anybody and its new packaging, out in May, has been changed.

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The sign appeared in a Liverpool Oxfam

Up in Southport, another debate is underway concerning the issue of sexism. A sign in the window of a Formby charity shop is causing a stir.

Photographer Colin Lane snapped a picture of the sign, which is prominently displayed at the front of the Oxfam store on Halsall Lane, the Southport Visiter reports.

It reads: "For Sale. Set of Encyclopaedia Britannica.

"No longer needed. Just got married. The wife knows everything."

Some of the title's readers have found the sign amusing.

Katie Netherway said: "This is boss. And he's probably right. His wife probably does know everything!"

But others are less impressed, and believe the sign is a relic of the past.

Phil Gee said: "It's not very politically correct is it! Bit sexist."

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