How you can impress your new boss

It can be the perfect opportunity to showcase your abilities and motivation

Group of young business people and mature businesswoman in discussion in office, Germany
How to impress a new boss

When you're working with a new boss it's time to showcase your motivation and energy so that you capture their attention in a good way – here are a few simple tips.

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Speak up in meetings

Make your voice heard and get your points across so that your new boss can get to know you a little better. Make sure your body language mirrors what you're saying - research shows people can pick up on discrepancies between verbal and non-verbal communication.

Time your interruptions well

People realise when you're not listening properly and you'll end up feeling flustered if you're not concentrating. If you are going to pipe up your interruptions should be respectful, relevant and reflective.

Give regular updates

You need to show your new boss your strengths and abilities so they can work out where your talents lie and where best you fit in the team.

Book a one-to-one

Doing this early on will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself properly and establish a relationship with your new manager from the start.

So, remember that first impressions count for a lot but you need to be consistent as well!

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