Where can you get the best Easter eggs?

Appearance isn't everything

The winning eggs from Betty's

Chocolate lovers should head to Yorkshire this year to find Britain's best Easter egg, with famous tea shop Betty's winning the crown.

In a blind taste test by Good Housekeeping, the York-based family firm came top with its Trio of Spring Flower Eggs, costing £27.50 for 250g. Luckily for chocoholics, the eggs are also available online.

And there's a joint winner that's even easier to get hold of - Tesco's Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate Hidden Egg, costing £15. The judges praised its decadent look and 'meltingly smooth chocolate.'

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The team rated 127 eggs to find the best for kids, teens, adults, sharing and free-from, scoring them for appearance, aroma, texture and taste.

And, they warn, many are going for looks rather than flavour.

"Retailers have definitely upped their game with innovative and eye-catching products but, disappointingly, much of the chocolate failed to deliver on taste," says Caroline Bloor, consumer director at Good Housekeeping.

And the winners show that it's possible to get really good chocolate without breaking the banks. The winner for kids, for example, is the Aldi Dairyfine Giant Chocolate Bunny at just £3.99, described as 'rich and creamy' with a 'deliciously moreish flavour'.

And Iceland won the Best for Teens category with its £4 Honeycomb & Caramel egg - a white chocolate egg with a centre packed with honeycomb, chewy caramel and chocolate-coated biscuit bites.

Thorntons won the Best for Sharing category with its £10 giant Continental egg, which comes with a selection of indulgent truffles. The judges described it as 'a crowd-pleaser with a rich cocoa aroma that gets the mouth watering'.

And topping the taste test for free-from eggs are joint winners Asda Free from Egg with Choc Orange Discs, costing £4.00, and Booja Booja Fine De Champagne Chocolate Truffles, at £24.99.

Asda's egg has a crisp snap when bitten and melts nicely in the mouth, say the judges. Meanwhile, Booja Booja's truffles scored highly for their smooth creamy centre and rich cocoa - along with a dose of strong liquor.

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The eggs are all pretty cheap compared with the elaborate creations launched last year by Choccywoccydoodah, which went on sale last year for £25,000.

And in 2006, La Maison du Chocolat in Piccadilly launched a Diamond Stella egg for £50,000 - though in this case the price was bumped up pretty considerably by the diamons with which it was encrusted..

Best for Grown-ups

Winner - Bettys Trio of Spring Flower Eggs, £27.50 for 250g. Score, 80/100

Winner - Tesco Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate Hidden Egg, £15 for 650g. Score, 80/100

Shortlisted for Grown-ups

Marks & Spencer Single Origin Milk Chocolate Ridged Egg, £25 for 750g. Score, 77/100

Waitrose Heston Eggstraordinary Dippy Easter Egg, £20 for 420g. Score, 74/100

Prestat Milk Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Spiced Easter Egg, £17.50 for 170g. Score, 58/100

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Best for Kids

Winner - Aldi Dairyfine Giant Chocolate Bunny £3.99 for 450g. Score, 78/100

Shortlisted for Kids

Thorntons Gruffalo Egg, £3 for 162g. Score, 75/100

Marks & Spencer Laid Back Lamb, £15 for 420g. Score, 73/100

Tesco Rainbow The Unicorn, £3.50 for 200g. Score, 68/100

Montezuma's Organic Milk Chocolate Chunky Button Egg, £9.99 for 250g. Score, 59/100

Best for Teens

Iceland Honeycomb & Caramel £4 for 180g. Score, 76/100

Shortlisted for Teens

Co-op Fairtrade Fried Egg, £5 for 180g. Score, 75/100

Marks & Spencer Disco Ball, £10 for 350g. Score, 72/100

Cadbury's Double Decker Large Easter Egg, £6.15 for 307g. Score, 70/100

Aldi Moser Roth Luxury Ghanaian Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, £4.99 for 185g. Score, 64/100

Best for Sharing

Thorntons Continental, £10 for 268g. Score, 79/100

Shortlisted for Sharing

Cadbury's Roses Thoughtful Gesture Shell Egg, £8.15 for 300g. Score, 76/100

Marks & Spencer Wire Hen House, £15 for 510g. Score, 71/100

Tesco Golden Egg Adventure Pack, £7 for 545g. Score, 65/100

Godiva Chocolate Eggs, £20 for 150g. Score, 60/100

Best free-from eggs

Asda Free from Egg with Choc Orange Discs, £4.00 for 200g. Score, 74/100

Booja Booja Fine DeChampagne Chocolate Truffles, £24.99 for 12 (138g). Score, 74/100

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