Think you've cut the cost of shopping? Have you tried this?

Ten great ways to cut your supermarket shopping bill - even after you’ve done the basics

Ten tricks to cut the cost of shopping

The supermarket is getting more expensive. The falling pound, and problems with overseas harvests, mean that the cost of everything from milk to cakes and Marmite is rising. Fortunately, we don't have to fall victim to the price rises, because there's a band of committed bargain-hunters who have been perfecting the art of bringing down the cost of shopping, and they have ten tips to keep your shopping within budget.

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The cost of shopping is already on the rise. Major brands including Sharwoods, Ambrosia, Weetabix, Tropicana, Heinz and Marmite have already announced that as a result of falls in the pound, they will be raising prices. Elsewhere in the supermarket, packs have been shrinking - so you are paying the same amount but getting less.

It's not just the brands either. Poor harvests and flooding across major growing areas mean fewer fresh vegetables are making it to the wholesale markets, so supermarkets are paying more for everything from lettuce to tomatoes and courgettes. These price rises are also being passed on to British shoppers.

Analysis by Kantar has identified price rises of almost 1% on the most popular supermarket staples, so far this year, and this is expected to rise dramatically as we go through 2017. The experts expect price rises of up to 5% by the end of the year. Assuming you spend £100 on a weekly shop, that's a £5 price hike.

What can you do?

Absolute beginners can save money by trading down from branded items to the supermarket's own brand, or trading down from the own brand to the budget one. They can also save by trading down to a cheaper supermarket.

For those who have already covered the basics, however, there are still plenty of steps left to take. While prices have been rising for the last couple of months, frugal money-savers have been sharing their tips online.

Not everyone is cut out for the world of extreme money saving, so we have picked out ten steps that would suit anyone - without having to devote hours of your time every week to the supermarket shop. By taking advantage of their expertise, and investing half an hour or so, you could easily save 10% or more on your shopping.

Here are ten clever money-saving tricks.

Save money on shopping: ten great tricks

Save money on shopping: ten great tricks