How to make things last longer

Easy hacks to make the most of your belongings

When you think of spending less money, you probably think of paying less for the things you buy.

But just as effective is making the things you do buy last longer.

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Here are some examples for you.

Did you know that freezing a candle a day before you use it will make it burn slower?

Something else you might freeze? Batteries.

This doesn't work so much with alkaline batteries but freezing nickel metal hybrid batteries can nearly double their life.

Want to get twice as much use from a sponge? There's a easy solution - cut it in half!

Storing things like sauce and condiments upside down will prevent mould.

If you put a paper towel in with your salad it will keep fresh for longer.

Want to make your cheese last longer? You should keep your hands off it when you're cutting it because the bacteria on your hands promotes mould growth.

Take your soap out of the packet before you use it and let it dry out - this way it won't dissolve as fast.

Aim to use your tumble drier as little as possible because it's not good for your clothes or your electric bill. Hanging clothes to dry works just as well and will save your clothes and money!

Do you know any good tips for making things last longer? Let us know in the comments below.

Vintage money-saving tips

Vintage money-saving tips