Strange places people have found large sums of money

Have you ever mislaid £80,000...?

An Ontario man forgot he stashed more than $100,000 (£80,500) in an old TV.

A recycling worker found the cash after the man's friend dropped it off at a Barrie depot.

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This isn't the first time huge sums of money have been found in odd places.

Two men in England uncovered more than $431,000 worth of Roman silver coins in a field of barley in 1998.

A couple in northern California found approximately $13 million worth of gold coins in tin cans on their property in 2013.

In 2006, an Ohio contractor found roughly $237,500 while ripping out bathroom walls.

He only got a few thousand dollars of it.

A Pennsylvania family drilled into a relative's safety deposit box in 2003 and found 10 rare gold coins.

They turned out to be worth more than $100 (£80.5) million, but sadly for them the US government seized them.