Museum shocked to discover dog drawing is priceless Rembrandt

The chalk drawing had previously been attributed to Johann Melchior Roos

One would think that people who work at an art museum would be experts, but even experts can make mistakes.

This chalk drawing of a dog that resides in Germany at the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum was credited to Johann Melchior Roos, but after some research has been discovered to be a priceless lost Rembrandt.

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The poor puppy looks like he knows he was not appropriately valued for the past 250 years.

The mistake was actually discovered two years ago by Thomas Doring, an expert in prints.

Through careful study, the museum verified the image as belonging to Rembrandt and finally held a press conference to let the public know of the print's famous creator.

It is actually very rare to find a picture of an animal created by Rembrandt.

Even though the puppy will continue to look sad for another 250 years, at least he has the right name plate.

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