The expenses you're forgetting to add to your budget

They can add up in the long run...


Setting yourself a budget can be tricky, especially when unforeseen expenses pop up.

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If you think you're doing well budgeting each year, but still come up short, try watching out for some of these.

1. Subscriptions and memberships

Did you remember to add on your Netflix subscription or your gym fee? Some of these can be easy to forget - don't get caught out with annual renewal fees, they can add up in the long run.

2. Pet expenses

Your pooch may be your pride and joy, but are you forgetting to add their food and care costs onto your monthly outgoings? Don't forget that visits to the vet can be pricey too, even if they aren't that regular.

3. Vehicle maintenance

New tires, insurance, MOTs and even car washes can all add up. Work out how much you spend annually on average and make sure to add it to the list.

4. Special occasions

Birthdays and anniversaries come around every year. Add up the costs from last year and divide by 12 to work out how much your spending on a monthly basis. And remember, home made gifts can be just as special!

5. Fun money

A budget is great but don't plan everything too strictly. Make sure you add in some space each month for the expenses you may not think about like trips to the cinema, meals out and spending time with friends.