These are the credit cards you should be carrying

Whether you've got some debt to pay off or you want to avoid fees on holiday, we've picked the perfect card for everyone.

These are the credit cards you should be carrying

Credit cards are a bit of a minefield for someone who doesn't know where to look.

You've got so many to choose from based on different needs: interest-free, holiday, credit builder and more.

Confused? That's why we're giving you a rundown of the best credit cards around, whatever your needs are.

Best for paying off credit card debt

For people with some debt to pay, a 0% balance transfer credit card could well be the cheapest way to do it.

A balance transfer card allows you to put money from one card onto another where you can pay it off month-by-month interest-free.

Getting the right length of balance transfer is key. Make sure that all of your debt is paid off by the time your 0% period ends. You can do this by working out how much you want to transfer and how much you're willing to pay off a month.

The longest card on the market right now is the 43-month offering from Halifax. However, the balance transfer fee on the card is 3.28%.

It is possible to get a lower fee, but you'd have to settle for a shorter 0% period. Some of the shorter deals are even free.

At the moment, you can get a 26-month interest-free balance transfer card from Halifax with absolutely no balance transfer fee at all.

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Best for paying off your overdraft

You'd be forgiven for thinking that money transfer and balance transfers are similar types of card. The main difference with money transfer cards is that you're moving debt from a credit card to a current account, rather than from a credit card to another credit card.

The Virgin Money Balance Transfer Credit Card will give you a whopping 41 months' interest-free on money transfers as well as balance transfers. Money transfers do come with a pretty substantial 3.79% fee though. To put that in context, transferring £2,000 would cost £75.80.

This is a limited offer running until 7 July 2017.

Best for making a sizeable purchase

Thinking of buying a car or a new sofa? An interest-free purchase card is a good shout for you if you'd prefer to spread your payment out over time.

It's similar to the 0% balance transfer card in that you move money from one card to another. However, anything you spend on the card won't incur any interest. The longest deal on the market is the Sainsbury's Bank Nectar Purchase Credit Card at 29 months.

Much like the other 0% credit cards, it's important to get the right interest-free length for you. Again, work out how much you'd like to transfer and how much you want to pay off each month.

There's also no guarantee you'll get the best rate: that's dependent on your credit record. Some cards will give you a shorter interest-free period if you have something of a blemished credit rating.

Alternatively you could try comparing shorter 0% periods instead.

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Best for going on holiday

If you're going on holiday, make sure you pack the right credit card!

Most credit cards charge rip-off fees when you spend abroad but some offer fee-free overseas spending.

The best card open to all is the Post Office Money Platinum Credit Card which offers fee-free purchases abroad and no cash fee when buying travel money at the Post Office.

The Saga Over 50s Platinum Credit Card (reserved for the over 50s) also lets you avoid foreign currency fees when you spend overseas. You'll also benefit from interest-free ATM withdrawals if you clear your balance within 55 days. The interest rate soars to 23.9% if you don't, so make sure you pay it off quickly!

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The best credit cards for you: 0% balance transfer, 0% purchase, credit builder, reward, cashback and more

Best for people with a poor credit rating, or no credit rating at all

It can be easy for your credit rating to worsen without you even noticing – a missed bill here, a credit request too many there.

Luckily, there are cards on the market to help re-build your financial reputation. Basically, you spend a little every month to show that you're financially trustworthy, and you can watch your credit rating as it steadily increases.

The Vanquis Chrome 24.7% APR card starts off with a £250 credit limit which can increase to £1,000 over time, as long as you use your card sensibly. However, unlike other cards, you can't use it for balance transfers.

Keep an eye on your credit report to see how your history is doing. Once you've improved enough, you'll be able to start applying for the more competitive cards.

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Best for everyday spending rewards

Now, this one's a little broader. Rewards can come in many forms, including points.

Tesco and Sainsbury's offer Clubcard and Nectar points if you use their credit card offerings.

On the Sainsbury's Bank Nectar Purchase Credit Card, for example, you can earn Nectar points while you spend. New customers get 5,000 after signing up if they spend £250 on Sainsbury's shopping or fuel. Make sure you spend before 26 March.

From there you get two Nectar points for every pound spent in-store and on fuel and one point for every £5 spent elsewhere.

Other rewards include points to be put towards shopping spends. With the M&S Shopping Plus Mastercard you can get points every time you shop which can be spent on vouchers. You'll get one point for every pound spent in M&S and one point for every fiver spent elsewhere. There's also a chance to win a voucher when you spend on food, clothing and homewares at M&S.

Just be careful with your spending. If you're unable to pay off the minimum amount on the card each month, the interest rate you're hit with could wipe out any rewards you've built up.

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Best for cashback

Though this could be classed as a reward, there are so many cashback credit cards going that it deserves its own section.

Cashback credit cards can give you money back on your regular spending. Be rewarded for a shop at the supermarket, fuelling your motor or buying something online.

Just make sure you don't use them to withdraw cash because you'll be left with a hefty chunk on your bill at the end of the month.

If you're a regular Asda shopper, it makes sense to plump for the Asda Cashback Credit Card. You can get 2% cashback for spending in-store at Asda and 1% on all of your other spending. Just watch out for the £36 annual fee and the rather large 26.2% APR.

People who drive a lot might favour the AA Fuelsave Credit Card, which will give you up to 4% cashback on fuel. The only caveat is that you need to spend £500 or more on purchases in a month. Anything under that will get you 2% cashback. All other purchases will get you 0.5% cashback.

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