Man sues Uber for £36m, blaming company for his divorce

Do you think this is fair?

Uber has reportedly been hit with a £36 million lawsuit from a man in France who claims that a glitch in the app contributed to his divorce.

According to Le Figaro the plaintiff blames a glitch in the software for allowing his wife's phone, which he had used to order a ride, to be notified of his whereabouts - despite being logged out of his account.

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Allegations of infidelity were made and eventually their marriage ended.

Uber reportedly declined to comment, but the case is expected to have a preliminary hearing in the next few weeks.

During its seven years in operation the ride-sharing company is said to have faced dozens of lawsuits in the US federal courts alone.

Cases have addressed issues including categorising drivers as contractors not employees, allegations of price fixing and liability when a driver commits a crime during a ride.

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