Kylie's new range of glasses: ten odd endorsements

Kylie’s not the only celebrity with an unexpected range

Kylie's range for Specsavers

Kylie Minogue has been promoting a new range of glasses for Specsavers, which she worked with the company to perfect.

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We are told that the range takes the wearer from day to night - so no more of those pesky glasses changes throughout the day - and features a number of pairs of sunglasses alongside plenty of prescription specs.

Kylie is no stranger to endorsements. She has her own homewares range - Kylie at Home, plus fashion ranges, and she has been putting perfume out for more than ten years.

In the meantime, she has promoted everything from Eurostar and British Airways to Sloggi underwear and a Ford Ka.

And recently she scuppered a trademark application by Kylie Kardashian on the grounds it would be damaging for her brand.

So how does her foray into the world of glasses design stack up in the list of unexpected celebrity endorsements?

1. Kim Kardashian - Charmin toilet paper. Back in 2010 she opened a special toilet in New York to promote the brand. She even had to pose with people in bear costumes.

2. Donald Trump - His image has been attached to all sorts of brands, but let us not forget Trump Steaks - branded "the world's greatest steaks"

3. Helen Mirren - Wii fit. Yes, the Queen, working out with a Wii.

4. Ozzy Osborne - I can't believe it's not butter. It's hard to believe, but he appeared alongside John Culshaw highlighting how difficult it was to tell the difference.

5. John Lydon - Countrylife. Apparently a punk advertising butter was a natural choice - and it helped fund his next album too.

6. Jamie Lee Curtis - Activia yogurt - and yes she did the advert talking about digestion and stomach problems.

7. Sophia Coppola - Sparkling wine in a pink can - complete with a straw. Because all that was missing from wine was an endorsement by a film director and a straw.

8. Pharrell Williams - fruity cream liquor called Qream - which is touted not only as a delicious drink, but as a cupcake ingredient

9. Marilyn Manson - Mansinthe - his own brand of the odd green booze Absinthe

10. Iron Maiden - the band launched Trooper, a highly successful beer brand in 2013.

10 of the weirdest celebrity products

10 of the weirdest celebrity products