​​​​​​​Is this the most expensive strawberry in the world?

... and would you pay £50 for a melon?

The 'Kotoka Strawberry Gift Box' costs £17.50.

It is sold at City Super in Hong Kong - a supermarket chain that advertises itself as a 'mega lifestyle specialty store'.

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The Kotoka is said to be a rare fruit with rich sweetness and good acidity.

But that's not all, City Super also sells £50 melons and even £415 apples.

The pricey fruit has caused some backlash - especially for its packaging.

There's even an online petition to urge grocery stores to stop the use of excess packaging - it currently stands with more than 8,000 signatures.

Some traditionalists have defended this as customary high-value gifts for the lunar new year celebration each winter.

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