US restaurant prints pro-immigration message on receipts

"Immigrants make American great, and they also cooked your food and served you today"

In light of President Trump's targeted travel ban, a restaurant in Brooklyn has begun printing a pro-immigration message on its guest receipts.

The message reads: "Immigrants make America great, they also cooked your food and served you today."

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The establishment is called Kiwiana and is owned by Mark Simmonds, a former contestant on Top Chef and an immigrant from New Zealand.
Simmonds told DNA Info: "I added that message to the bottom of the receipts recently, to remind ourselves [and] our customers that immigrants are quite often the backbone of the hospitality industry.

"I normally add little notes at the end of the receipt, though rarely they are political. We are happy people are noticing. Overall the feedback has been positive."

News of the note began to spread after Mary Emily O'Hara, a journalist, shared a photo of the receipt on Twitter.