Woman finds gin from Asda actually filled with tap water

A Bombay Sapphire spokesman said it was 'not possible' that it happened during production

Mum finds Bombay Sapphire bottle actually filled with water, not gin

A mum was left fuming when she splashed out on a pricey bottle of booze which turned out to be filled with water.

Jessica Pegg was expecting the blue Bombay Sapphire container to be filled with her favourite gin - only to get a nasty surprise a few weeks later.

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The mum-of-two claims that when she came to pour herself a gin and tonic she found out the alcohol was in fact water.

A Bombay Sapphire spokesman told Mirror Online that it was 'not possible' for the water to have got into the bottle during the production process.

Jessica says she bought the £17 bottle from an Asda in Bedminster, Bristol, on January 15.

Credits: Dan Regan/Bristol Post

Dan Regan/Bristol Post

The 41-year-old who works in advertising told the Bristol Post: "Essentially I have bought a really expensive bottle of water.

"In some ways it is quite funny, but at the same time £17 is quite a lot for gin, so it is a little annoying."

Mrs Pegg believes the bottle was sealed when she bought it, and is certain it had a store security tag on it when she took it to the till.

She said: "Having just had my second child I am a bit scatty, but I would like to think that both myself or the checkout person would have noticed of the seal or the tag had been broken."

It took Mrs Pegg a couple of weeks before she discovered the alleged switch.

"As a mum with two young children I don't drink often at all," she said.

"I sat down with a gin and tonic a few weeks ago and just assumed I hadn't put very much gin in.

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"But then I came to have another over the weekend and I put the gin on top of the tonic and I prepared myself for a strong first sip. But when it came to it I couldn't taste anything.

"Then I went back to the bottle and sniffed it and tasted it, and it turned out it was just water.

"I think I was just a bit surprised and baffled really."

The confused mum went back to Asda Bedminster to let staff know of the alleged mix-up.

Mrs Pegg said: "They said they couldn't give me a refund and I fully understand why, but I just wanted to let them know and to be aware.

"I don't know how it happened, my best guess would be either someone swapped the contents at the factory or at the shop, but who knows."

She appears resigned to the fact the mystery may never be solved, but she has since managed to get hold of a genuine bottle of gin.

A spokesperson for Bombay Sapphire said: "Bombay Sapphire prides itself on being a gin of exceptional quality.

"All production processes are heavily controlled and monitored to ensure that the product is at the correct alcohol strength as defined by regulatory requirements and it is not possible for water to reach the bottle in our production processes.

"We have received no correspondence on this matter, but as it has now been highlighted to us, we would like to investigate further, and kindly request the return of the bottle."

Asda has been contacted for comment.

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