The most extravagant celebrity Valentine's gifts

Emma Woollacott
Olive tree in sunrise, Italy
Olive tree in sunrise, Italy

Many of us may be looking forward to nothing more on Valentine's Day than a crumpled card and some wilting daffodils.

However, some people really go to town. While the average Brit spends about £45 on their loved one, some have a rather bigger budget - and make the most of it.

And who knows? Maybe you'll win the lottery, in which case you'll need some good ideas yourself.

From a GulfStream Jet to an ancient tree, we look at some of the best celebrity Valentine's Day gifts.

Valentine's Day rip-offs

We know what you're saying: there's nothing terribly extravagant about flowers, especially when you can pick up a dozen red roses for a tenner a bunch. But it's all a question of scale. Back in 2011, Justin Bieber wooed Selena Gomez with the entire contents of a florist's shop - let's just hope she had enough vases to hold them.

A new phone can be a practical present - and can help a loved-up couple stay in touch every minute of the day. But if you're one of the world's best-selling musicians, and married to Beyonce, you need to do a bit better than that - which is why the rapper made sure that the phone he gave her in 2009 was plated with platinum. It reportedly cost $25,000.

The best-value Valentine's gifts

A plant
Not for Brad Pitt an African violet in a pot; when Angelina Jolie was choosing a Valentine's gift in 2010, she decided to go a little bigger. Her choice was a 200-year-old olive tree, which was planted at the couple's French estate. The olive must have seemed like the perfect gift, symbolising peace - but wasn't enough to prevent a split that's still reportedly pretty acrimonious.

A (non-cuddly) toy
Well, it certainly makes a change from a teddy bear clutching a heart: an antique carousel horse. Courteney Cox gave one to her then husband David Arquette in 2010, spending a reported $45,000. Nobody has any idea why.

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A car
Any car would be a pretty extravagant present - all the more so when it's a Bentley. Unfortunately, Katy Perry's choice of a £200,000 lilac-coloured Bentley Brooklands for Russell Brand wasn't enough to keep the two together. Even going one better to buy a $20 million GulfStream jet, as Tom Cruise did for then wife Katie Holmes, is no guarantee that things will last.

When a couple's wedding involves golden thrones, you know that they're not scared of a bit of bling. So it should come as no surprise that David Beckham was happy to splash out on a Bulgari necklace for wife Victoria back in 2006. Dripping with rubies and diamonds, it's said to have cost £5.5 million.